03 May 2021

How Do Fire & Emergency Escape Screens Work?

A Fire and Emergency Escape Screen is a security screen that can be easily opened from the inside to allow for a quick and keyless escape in an emergency. There are two styles of emergency escape screens – hinged or sliding. Your window style will determine whether you need a hinged or sliding escape screen.

Fire and Emergency Escape Screens provide both fire safety from the inside and home security from the outside using our SecureView security system.

Secureview and SaltWaterSeries security screen doors and windows are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh and extruded aluminium frame using a patented fixing method.

SecureView and SaltWaterSeries is a versatile high quality product that meets Australian Standards 5039, Bush Fire Protection AS3959-2009 and Fire Attenuation AS1530.4-2005.

How do you open a Fire and Emergency Escape Screen?

To exit via the escape screen, simply:

  1. Pull the lever on the frame of the fire and emergency escape screen
  2. Open the fire and emergency escape screen by either sliding, pushing out or pulling the screen inward.

Note this method will depend on your window style. Our qualified installers will demonstrate how to use the escape screen.

  1. Climb out of the window
  2. Call 000 and do NOT go back inside

Do I Need A Fire And Emergency Escape Screen?

A Fire & Emergency Escape Screen is only absolutely necessary when access to all windows is restricted, for example, with a fixed window security screen. A Fire and Emergency Escape Screen gives you an additional exit point in case access to your door/s is restricted. Make sure all the ‘responsible people’ in the home are aware of how to use it and knows how what to do in an emergency.

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