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How to Turn Your Old Screen Doors Into Artwork

Have you bought a new screen door? Or, are you looking for a new screen door to replace one that is getting tired? What do you do with the old one? While the first thought would be to simply throw the old one away, you may be surprised to find that there are a number of really great DIY projects to be had that can upcycle your old screen door into a fantastic new art piece for your home. From art works through to new furniture pieces, an old screen door may be the perfect DIY project to upcycle your old screen door.

Bedroom headboard

If you want to have something a little different in the bedroom, a headboard for your bed may be on the cards by using your old screen door. By replacing the screening with patterned materials and cushioning, as well as painting the frame of the door, you can have a unique headboard in no time. The best part about this project, is that you can change the materials and colours through different seasons and trends.

Outdoor art

It can sometimes be hard to decorate the outdoor areas of the home in a simple way, without having to fork out a small fortune on large pieces such as furniture and fountains or ponds. But, with an old screen door, you can add some art decor to your outdoors, easily and cheaply. By removing the old screening, it’s just a matter of re-painting the screen and adding some rustic touches. You can easily pick up some antique style items to add to your old screen door to make a fancy new art piece for the garden or home exterior.

Pantry organiser

Are you always forgetting simple items at the grocery store? Why not write down the items when you notice them getting low whilst you’re still in the pantry? You can use an old screen door and add it to your pantry entrance and use it as a simple organiser. With some chalkboard added to where your screening used to be, and a dash of colour, you can have a simple chalkboard door on your pantry to write down the items you need to buy so you never forget an item when you go shopping.

Laundry hamper

If you have your old screen door that has a still relatively good frame, you can use these parts to make a rather fancy laundry hamper. By removing the parts of the screen door and re-using them to create a laundry hamper, you will have one that will be built to last. Replace the screening with new screen or material and for another step up for your hamper, add some wheels to the bottom to easily wheel it around the laundry and to the bedroom.

Chalk board

Whether it’s for the kids room, the kitchen or for a fancy new art piece in the living room, a chalk board from your old screen door is a great idea. The kids can use it to play with in their room, or if it’s in the kitchen, it can be used to organise your grocery lists or to write important messages. If used in the living room, it can be used for your creative side to decorate the room, write an insightful message for the family or simply to draw on when the feeling strikes.

Family organiser

Are members of your family always losing keys? Is the mail always scattered everywhere? Or, do you want to keep everyone’s coats in the one place? Situated near the front door, replace your screening with chalkboard and paint the old screen door to match your decor. Add some hooks to the sides for coats and jackets, and you can even add a mail holder on the front of the ‘door’ to store letters, so they’ll never take up kitchen bench space ever again. The chalkboard can be very handy to remind family members of important events, or just to wish them a great day as they leave to go to work or school.

A kitchen shelf

Depending on the space in your kitchen, you may find that an old screen door may be the perfect addition as a shelf in the kitchen. It can be used to store those not-so-used items up high, and with some creative hooks, pots and pans can be hung from the underside of your new shelf. It can easily be painted to match your current kitchen decor and will add a whimsical and rustic look to your home.

Lacey art

If you want to get a bit creative, you can replace the screens with lace. There are a number of different coloured lace materials on the market, so you can create a new art piece for the home or garden, or it can make a creative personalised gift to give to someone special.

Chicken wire art

Just like the lace idea, why not replace the screening with chicken wire? This will make a beautiful and rustic art piece that can be showcased either outdoors in the garden or in the inside of the home. With an added floral wreath and perhaps some wooden signs as decoration (with motivational quotes or inspirational lines), this can make a wonderful piece for anywhere in and around the home.

Reusing your screen door to brighten up your home

There are plenty of ways you can re-use an old screen door. They don’t necessarily have to be thrown in the garbage to head to landfill straight away. By re-using an old screen door, you can upcycle it and have the perfect DIY project on your hands for a crafty weekend. If you’re looking for a new screen door to replace your old one, find the perfect new addition to your home from SP Screens and get started on your new DIY project sooner.