Benefits Of Investing In Security Screens

Here at SP Screens, we are purveyors of a variety of home security doors and screens and other convenience products that can greatly improve upon the security and functionality of your home. Wherever you live, and whatever home you live in, there is a product from SP Screens that can improve your quality of life and increase your enjoyment of your own four walls and add-value to your home.

Chief among these products are our vetted, rigorously-tested, tried-and-true security screens and security doors. As long-standing members of the security sector, we offer a product whose benefits go far beyond a simple security measure.

The Benefits of Security Doors and Screens

  1. Safety without Compromise
    Our screens have been put through every test necessary to qualify as a security screen in Australia, and they don’t just meet them – they exceed them. Despite looking much like a flyscreen with their thin wiring, they are resistant to a huge variety of methods of forced entry, from blunt force, to jemmying, to blades and snips. Affixed to strong points by your qualified installer, your prospective burglar has a real challenge ahead of them.
    This means more than just a deterrent – these screens are capable of preventing all but the very best-prepared from entering your home. Because so many home invasions are crimes of opportunity, you are automatically putting the brakes on a large percentage of home invasions.
  2. Ease your mind
    The protection of your home, your property, and your family means you are free from another worrying trend – anxiety. Now, you can rest assured that your odds of becoming a victim are far smaller. This has positive repercussions for your mental, and your overall, health.
  3. Comfort
    CommandeX security screens and security doors, in spite of their strength, nevertheless operate exactly like an insect screen – they will stop all but the tiniest of midges from squeezing through in to your living space.
    In areas prone to biting insects, they are a godsend. Insect screens, made of nylon, often require little more than a hard push to rip, and pose little deterrent to thieves. If you leave the home to do a shop, you are obliged to shut the house down. Not so with a proper security screen.
    But this comfort does not end there. You can use them to help ventilate your home, drawing in cooler air from ground level, while venting it properly from the roof spaces. This age-old method of cooling your home can mean a smaller air conditioning bill at month’s end.
  4. Aesthetics and appeal
    Let’s face it – a lot of security measures do little for your homes’ curb appeal.
    Harsh window bars and iron gates are ugly. This is not a big deal when you are seeking some privacy – but it can work against your goals if you are looking to sell. And as the housing market begins to soften – particularly in major cities – the knowledge that your home is secured and protected can serve as a major selling point. And when this security doesn’t ruin its charm, all the better.
    CommandeX security screens and security doors from SP Screens provide both tough security, and a non-intrusive addition to your home. Colour-matched to your décor, they won’t turn your lovely abode in to a Fort Knox knockoff.
  5. The Views
    Blessed, as we are, by the beautiful Australian landscape, we would be remiss if we didn’t enjoy it to the fullest.
    Security screens from SP Screens won’t obstruct your views out of doors – they pose no more of an obstruction than your typical insect screen. This ensures that you are receiving plenty of natural light in to your home, while enjoying the views outside.
  6. Longevity
    The elements in Australia can pose a threat to even the toughest of home amenities. Extremes of heat and cold, along with the salty coastal environments that we tend to occupy en masse, can put even the toughest of materials to the test.
    Our screens have been crafted from marine-grade stainless steel and aluminium, and are able to withstand a lifetime of exposure. With minimal maintenance, they will be standing tall for many years to come – and looking good while doing so. 
  7. Installations
    Of course, none of these attributes will do much good without being installed properly. It takes a qualified professional, vetted by the industry, to ensure that your security screens and doors have been affixed properly to strong points, and cannot be disjointed or dislodged by a prospective thief. We source only the very finest installers to place your screens, who can fall back on their years of experience to get the job done properly.

As an investment, security screens and security doors from SP Screens can provide a great deal for yourself and for your property. Contact our friendly team in your area, and let’s talk some more!