25 November 2015

Top Tips For Home Security Over The Summer

A hot breezy summer means opening up your doors and windows while you are at home, it’s  also about enjoying the great outdoors and beach holidays.  Unfortunately, opportunist thieves know this as well and they are looking for homes with windows and doors left open and houses that look like no one is home.  Summer has the highest rates of thefts and home invasions however, with a bit of preparation you can ensure  your family is safe while you’re at home and  your belongings remain safe while you’re not at home.

Invest In Security Doors And Windows

Simple summer pleasures like entertaining in the backyard with friends, relaxing by the backyard pool and hot summer nights with the bedroom windows open can leave you vulnerable to break-ins if your home is not secured.  There are lots of different options for Window and Door Security Screens so it is a good idea to call a professional to help you choose a screen that suits your home, agrees with your budget, and meets Australian Security Screen Standards.    When choosing a company to install your security screens make sure they have a current master security licence and that their screens have been tested and meet Australian Security Screen Standards (such as the Knife Sheer Test, Impact Test, Anti-Jemmy Test and Pull Test).

Use Good Quality Locks On Your Door And Windows

One of the easiest ways for a thief to enter a home is through an unlocked or poorly locked window.   Regularly check that your locks and deadbolts are functional, and call a locksmith straight away if your locks are showing their age and don’t appear secure.  Be sure to keep your doors locked even if you’re at home and train your family to do the same.  It is a good idea to check all your locks are secure before bed each night.

Trust A Neighbour

If you are friendly with the neighbours, let them know your holiday plans and ask if they will keep an eye on your home and look out for any suspicious activity.  Offer to do the same in return if they decide to go on holiday themselves.   You could ask a neighbour to bring your bins in and collect your mail before the mailbox overflows.  This will take care of the obvious signs that no one has been home for a while.

Keep Your Holidays Plans Off Facebook And Twitter

Although  you may be very excited about your holiday plans and want to share them with family and friends on social media, save your post until you are safely back home.    Criminals use social media too, and often use sites like Facebook and Twitter to target their break-ins.   Your holiday posts are alerting people to the fact that you are not at home, and some ‘friends of friends’ who can see your posts may take advantage of this information.

Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

By keeping your yard tidy, parking a car in your driveway, putting some clothes on the line, and leaving some old shoes at the door, you can make it appear as though someone is home. If your home looks maintained, potential thieves are likely to think your home is occupied.  Putting timers on lights and radios so it appears they are being turned on and off at normal times is another great way to make it look like someone is home.

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