12 September 2019

Every company will tell you that their security door is the best. But it’s important that you find a security door that suits your needs best. We’re going to explain why 316 stainless steel security screen doors are the better choice for coastal locations, including the entire east coast of Australia. What are the benefits […]

05 September 2019

Do you know what to look for when choosing a security screen door? We explain what to look out for when shopping around and choosing a security door. What makes a security screen door…a security door? To be a true security door, it must meet Australian Standards 5039. There are 6 tests to assess the […]

05 August 2019

When corrosion or oxidation appears on window security screens, it can compromise both the integrity and look of the screen. To prevent galvanic corrosion, it is important to understand how it occurs and how, with proper care and maintenance, it can be avoided. Corrosion and Metals The atmosphere here at sea level is surprisingly tough […]

12 July 2019

Deciding where to invest money into a home and where to save on costs is front-and-centre of many Australian homeowners’ concerns. Owning your home serves as one of our biggest single investments, and counts as something to strive for. But once you have taken that leap, you find that owning a home takes work, and […]

04 July 2019

In 2011 alarming statistics found that one child fell from a window each week in Australia. According to the ‘Kids Don’t Fly’ working committee report, these falls were often in their own home. In some cases these window falls resulted in serious injury or death. This prompted the ‘Kids Don’t Fly’ campaign in an effort […]

28 May 2019

SP Screens specialises in providing security doors and security screens throughout Australia, and we stand behind a product that will stand tall for you and your home. Whether you are seeking to protect your home and family from opportunistic theft or the elements, your security screens constitute a time-savvy investment that will stand the test […]

17 May 2019

Here at SP Screens, our security screens and security doors have been built to stand tall. They aim to protect your home against potential intruders, forced entry, severe weather, firestorms, and insects, all through the services of our specialised screens and frames. They are created without compromise, and designed from top-to-bottom to prevent forced entry […]