09 January 2020

The rising popularity of Aluminium Slat Fencing is for good reason. Of course, aluminium slat screens look great but they also provide many practical benefits to help Australian’s enjoy their home and yard more than ever before. Read on to find out why Aluminium slat Fencing is the perfect choice for your home. Aluminium Slat […]

08 January 2020

Homeowners are choosing Aluminium slat fencing more often, making it a very popular choice.  People look for stylish, low maintenance ways to screen their yard and home from the prying eyes of passers-by and neighbours.  Aluminium slat Fencing adds security and street appeal to a property.  To make sure it stays strong and looks great […]

10 December 2019

Unfortunately, most working parents in Australia do not get as much annual leave as our kids get school holidays.  Keeping kids safe and busy during school holidays while you are at work is often a great scheduling feat. Teenagers Wanting To Be Left Home Alone As your children become teenagers, they may ask to stay […]

05 November 2019

Retractable Fly Screens lend themselves to the ‘transterior trend’ in architecture which continues to gain momentum with homeowners looking to seamlessly blend their indoor and outdoor spaces. Wide span / Large doors are often used in conjunction with other natural elements, such as plants and textures, to achieve this design feature. They work well because […]

04 November 2019

The simple answer is “Yes”, however, it is important to be aware of how installing dog doors into security screen doors will compromise their security features and the options available to you. Here are a few things you should consider before you decide to have a doggy door installed into your security door. Does a […]

25 October 2019

Prices Will Vary Between Brands (Sometimes a lot) There are many brands of security doors on the market in Australia and the price can vary a few hundred dollars for each door you have screened so it pays to get at least three quotes from different security door suppliers. You may pay a premium for […]

18 October 2019

Perforated Security Screens are made from perforated aluminium mesh, which is a sheet of security grade hardened aluminium with evenly spaced holes punched through it. The perforated aluminium sheet used in our Xceed security screens is thinner and stronger than the commonly used architectural grade aluminium. Xceed perforated aluminium security mesh window and door security […]

12 September 2019

Every company will tell you that their security door is the best. But it’s important that you find a security door that suits your needs best. We’re going to explain why 316 stainless steel security screen doors are the better choice for coastal locations, including the entire east coast of Australia. What are the benefits […]