17 December 2020

Installing a security screen door is a job for an experienced DIYer. This is a DIY project where you will need a second pair of hands to help you to install the security door.  There are a number of fiddly steps that need to be done accurately in order for the door to fit perfectly […]

04 November 2020

The Cost of Aluminium Slat Fencing Aluminium slat fencing is difficult to get an exact price on without a site inspection however, most fencing businesses offer complimentary on site measure and quotes. It is highly recommended to take them up on this offer as this is the best way to get an exact quotation. Like […]

01 November 2020

The Christmas Holidays can be a busy time, and not only for families looking to get together and enjoy themselves. Emboldened by the prevalence of empty houses and traveling families, thieves ratchet up their activity in the Christmas season, and robberies are more commonly noted by police than the yearly average.  We discuss some simple […]

28 October 2020

As bushfire season approaches, preparations are made across Australia to protect homes and families, following the tips and guidelines put out by fire departments. There has also been an increased focus on bushfire safety during the building and renovating process. There are numerous measures you can take to help bushfire proof home once you’ve determined […]

15 October 2020

Retractable Fly Screens are an extremely popular choice for modern homes for very good reason and a popular question we are asked is how much retractable fly screens cost? Retractable screens effortlessly screen all types of historically “difficult to screen” doors and windows and maximise a home’s views and comfort.  A retractable screen door is […]

06 October 2020

Prices Will Vary Between Brands (Sometimes a lot) There are many brands of security doors on the market in Australia and the price can vary a few hundred dollars for each door you have screened so it pays to get at least three quotes from different security door suppliers. You may pay a premium for […]

17 September 2020

It can be very tempting, and at times, rewarding to attempt a Do It Yourself project. But, is attempting a DIY security screen door the best idea? When it comes to getting a properly fitting security door, a DIY approach may not always be the best option, even if it appears to save you money. […]

09 September 2020

SP Screens have been providing quality security screens and retractable fly screens to Australian homes for over ten years. Every day, thousands of Australian homes are protected from insects and other unwanted intruders by screens that were designed and manufactured in our local Australian factories.  Our local team has installed screens over the past 10 […]