01 September 2021

Sliding screen doors are fantastic for screening large spaces like wide doorways and enclosing patios for a pest free zone. There are a wide range of options ranging from flyscreens and retracatbles screens to full security screen doors. You may be left wondering which sliding screen door is right for you? Which Sliding Screen Door […]

20 July 2021

All About SP Screens from the mouth of our CEO, Sarah Lamb. Who are SP Screens and what do they do to ensure business success?

03 June 2021

Nobody thinks of putting fly screens on their house in winter.   It’s chilly outside and the doors and windows are kept firmly shut to keep in the warmth. Why would you even think about replacing your old screen doors and windows now? The old saying “the early bird catches the worm” comes to mind when […]

03 May 2021

A Fire and Emergency Escape Screen is a security screen that can be easily opened from the inside to allow for a quick and keyless escape in an emergency. There are two styles of emergency escape screens – hinged or sliding. Your window style will determine whether you need a hinged or sliding escape screen. […]

31 March 2021

A security door is only as good as its installation. A high quality security door meeting all Australian security standards would be severely compromised by a poor installation. This is why it is important to ensure that you engage a reputable Security Door installer that has the required state licence for security door installations. SP […]

11 February 2021

Cleaning and maintaining your retractable fly screens is important to keep them moving along their tracks smoothly and in good working condition. The Fly screen mesh in retractable fly screens will trap airborne contaminants such as dust & salt as air flows through the screen.  Regular cleaning of your retractable flyscreens will remove these airborne […]

17 December 2020

Installing a security screen door is a job for an experienced DIYer. This is a DIY project where you will need a second pair of hands to help you to install the security door.  There are a number of fiddly steps that need to be done accurately in order for the door to fit perfectly […]

04 November 2020

The Cost of Aluminium Slat Fencing Aluminium slat fencing is difficult to get an exact price on without a site inspection however, most fencing businesses offer complimentary on site measure and quotes. It is highly recommended to take them up on this offer as this is the best way to get an exact quotation. Like […]