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DIY or Professional Screen Doors? Why a Professional Installation will Win Every Time

You might be looking for some DIY projects around the home to fill in your time over the upcoming weekend. Then you remember you really wanted a screen door installed. When you put two and two together, a DIY screen door might seem like the perfect project to undertake. But, is a DIY screen door the best idea?

Although you might think you have a nifty project on your hands that will save you some money, the truth is it’s one of the trickiest projects you could undertake – and one we urge you to reconsider.

Saving money

On the surface, it may seem you’ll be save some money on creating your own screen door. However, in the long run, you may be wasting your money. Because you’ll be buying your own materials and building and installing the door yourself, the quality of the end project really all depends on you. Instead, if you go through a reputable installer of doors and windows for your new screen door, you will be paying more, but you’re paying for higher quality materials and the labour costs for the installer to correctly install the door. Although you might save money in the short term, you may end up paying more if you need a new door or a reinstallation in the future.


When you DIY your own screen door, you’re not going to be eligible for any warranty on the door. You may have warranty on some of the tools, equipment and parts, but not the door in its entirety. When you compare this to hiring a professional to build, fit and install the door, you will likely be eligible for warranty on both the product and the installation. If for any reason there are any defects in the product or it isn’t installed correctly, you’ll be able to get a new product installed. However, a DIY screen door means that the end project is the final product, regardless whether it’s in perfect condition or not.

Difficulty with installation

Depending on your door, the frame and the doorframe size, you may have difficulties installing your own door, especially if you don’t have a helping hand. Although it may look like a simple job, if you have a doorframe that isn’t exactly square or if your door size means you need to build a custom sized screen door, you may find that the job starts to get a little complicated. Of course, someone with a little DIY know-how will be able to complete the job, but if you don’t have much experience, you may find the job rather complicated.

Making mistakes

Even if you have a DIY kit for a screen door, you may still run into issues. A lot of people either don’t read the instructions (or think they don’t need to). That’s where issues start to occur. You may be drilling holes in the wrong places and setting up everything so it doesn’t fit properly. Too many mistakes and you’ll have a doorframe that may need repairing or replaced, not to mention an ill-fitting screen door.

A poor fit

As mentioned, if you are in need of a custom sized screen door, and you don’t take this into account, you may find you end up with a poorly fitting screen door for your home. Not only will it look odd and not sit correctly, but also it’s not going to provide you with the right security or pest control that you would hope for. You may find that you have gaps where you shouldn’t have gaps – so flies and insects make their way inside. This will render your new screen door useless, especially if this is the main reason you wanted to install it.

Lack of security

If you’re building and installing your own screen door, you may have an unsecure screen door after it has been installed. Many screen doors have the added benefit of providing a security measure for your home. However, if you use substandard materials, you may find that burglars and intruders will easily be able to pry open your screen door or cut through any screening. With professionally installed doors, you are able to get doors made of high grade stainless steel to ensure you get the safest option for your screen door.

Leave this one to the experts

Although building your own screen door may be a rewarding project, it just may not be the best option if you’re looking for a secure door to last you years to come. Whether it’s for security reasons, or just to keep the bugs out, the best option by far is to purchase a screen door from the screen door professional. Not only will they know which door is best suited to your needs, but they’ll be able to install it professionally to ensure it works well for your needs. Talk to us today to see how we can assist you.